CUSF announces its 2024 Super Star Award for Unit 4 and District 116 support staff and paraprofessionals. Kelly Hill, CUSF Executive Director notes, “Our schools would simply not run as effectively or efficiently without the many supporting talents and expertise of these essential staff members. From multilingual teaching aides, student support advocates, office managers, food service assistants, hall monitors, student engagement advocates, and custodial workers, these individuals help build relationships with students’ and staff which are often the “secret sauce,” for successful schools.”

Below are the nine 2024 Super Star individuals selected to receive a $250 thank you award from CUSF for their positive contributions to the 2023-24 school year.

2024 CUSF Super Stars from Unit 4

Janet Bailey

Teacher’s Aide
South Side Elementary

Laquandris Gladney

Student Support Advocate & Assistant Football Coach
Centennial High

Dana Hernandez

Office Manager
International Prep Academy

Miguel Ibarra

Barkstall Elementary

Lorraine Logue

Teacher’s Aide
Edison Middle School

Sharee Tanksley

Special Education Teacher’s Aide
Westview Elementary

2024 CUSF Super Stars from District 116

Mario Gamiz

Multi-Lingual Teacher’s Assistant
Urbana High School

Yolanda Fundemera

Teacher’s Assistant
Urbana High School

Margaret Reyes

Attendance Secretary
Leal Elementary School