CUSF Mission

To invest in an equitable and empowered future for Champaign Urbana by strengthening the community’s commitment to our public schools, teachers, and students.

CUSF Executive Director Kelly Hill shares how CUSF programs and initiatives impact our local teachers and students.

Our Partners

We partner with Champaign and Urbana public schools to provide culturally responsive opportunities and enriching experiences inspiring educators and motivating students for success.

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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 (Engagement): Increase community engagement with our public schools.

Goal 2 (Celebration): Celebrate the successes of our public schools, teachers, alumni, and students.

Goal 3 (Grant opportunity): Improve and grow the grant program to ensure that it is responsive to the needs of teachers and supports the following:

  • Access to resources, opportunities, and support for teachers in underserved school communities
  • Perseverance and extended service of teachers and staff
  • Teachers working with students with learning differences.
  • College and career readiness through incentivizing internship and practicum experiences
  • Early childhood education initiatives and programs
  • Teachers who engage with multilingual students and families

Goal 4 (Support): Support teachers to ensure excellent teaching and learning for every student.

Two boys in classroom smiling

“I taught in our local schools for 25 years, am a former CUSF Board member, and CUSF grant recipient. I spent a lot of my own money on things I wanted my students to have and for which there was no budget. I am thrilled to help other teachers make a dream become a reality and supporting their students for success through the CU Schools Foundation!”

-Janet Ellis-Nelson
Retired Teacher, Champaign Rotary Past President