Taking Additional Steps

Taking Additional Steps

Story and photos contributed by Molly Ellingsen, an education student at the University of Illinois.

Bradley Brenner, a physical education teacher at Wiley Elementary includes pedometers activities in his gym class, thanks to a Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation I.D.E.A. Grant. Brenner wears a pedometer daily and says it encourages him to take more steps. He believes pedometers persuade students to stay active by giving them a concrete goal to achieve.

Brenner gave each student a chain, and when students increase their steps during a class period, he gives them a little sneaker to add to their chain. Brenner says the students like receiving a prize and it creates friendly competition between classmates.

Having the pedometers allows Brenner to keep hard data on student performance so he can track their progress. It also allows Brenner to use technology in his gym class, and students are always excited to try something new.

I just want everyone to know how grateful I am for the opportunity to implement this pedometer program into my PE curriculum. I also want people to understand that this small piece of technology is a great tool that encourages student participation in walking and running.- Bradley Brenner

Students have asked Brenner how much pedometers cost, which indicates they are interested in staying active outside of gym class. Brenner hopes the pedometers will motivate children to exercise regularly and improve results.