Stand Up for Learning

Stand up for learning.


“We, as teachers, appreciate the support this program provides to bring our educational ideas to reality.” Anne Munroe, Central High School math teacher

munroe2“I feel a lot more energized and focused.”

Math students at Central High School are standing up, sitting down, swinging their feet, and paying more attention, due to a change in classroom furniture. Last fall, teachers Anne Munroe and Jason Fischer ordered four stand-up desks with money they received from an It’s My I.D.E.A. grant. Munroe originally heard about these desks on the national news where New York City schools were using the desks to help improve student achievement.

Although they’ve only been using the desks for a few months, the students at Central are already reporting changes. According to one student, the desks help her see the board better and improve her posture. “I feel a lot more energized and focused.” Another student added, “I prefer the stand-up desk.  It changes things up. You can sit or stand and still get work done.”


Each desk has a stool with a foot swing which allows students to fidget, even while they are seated.   All of the students agreed that the desks make their work seem less boring. One noted, “It helps you stay awake and focused on what you’re learning.” Another student wished Central had stand-up desks in every classroom.


“Having these desks in harder classes would have a positive influence on our work and help students who like to move around a lot.”

Munroe described how much the students enjoy these desks, and how they look forward to using them. While her classroom only has four stand-up desks, Munroe hopes to purchase more, so she can continue the success she’s finding with her students.

Munroe and Fischer’s grant proposal cost $1,000 and will serve 100 students in the first year. The initial investment is $10 per student, and the desks will be used for years to come.