Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

We invest in educators and students by supporting creativity, innovation, and excellence in Champaign and Urbana public schools.

CUSF Executive Director Kelly Hill shares how CUSF programs and initiatives impact our local teachers and students.

Our Vision:

We partner with Champaign and Urbana public schools to provide culturally responsive opportunities and enriching experiences inspiring educators and motivating students for success.

CU Schools Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation designed to enhance the quality of education in Champaign-Urbana through community support of the public schools. The Foundation’s goal is to make a difference in our schools by providing valuable new opportunities for our students and teachers.

As of FY19, CUSF has funded over $1,900,000.00 of locally-raised dollars to our schools, through grants, targeted gifts, scholarships and endowed funds. We have served thousands of children as a result.

“When donors support these projects, it is like a cheer-leading squad helping teachers fit the extra work of organizing and planning into already packed schedules. Grant support allows us to extend our curriculum in ways that are needed to help students make the learning “their own”. It helps turn good lessons into great lessons that shape perceptions, attitudes and career choices.

For students, these are cutting-edge experiences with issues of food production, nutrition and ecological awareness all wrapped into one. Through hands-on learning and tutorials with direct access to a full-scale food production company, classroom foundational learning, and independent student projects, they begin to conceptualize their role in the issues central to their lives and future. They LEARN…and make connections between things they had no idea about, such as: chickens, pigs, soil, plants, bugs, tastes, sounds, textures, smells, colors…their own creativity, and a sense of community that develops when working together for the common good.

Thank you for partnering with us and supporting this vision. We couldn’t do these projects without you.”

Julie Anders
Edison Middle School science teacher

Julie Anders is the lead teacher on the Collaborative Grant–Creating Sustainable Nutrition through Education

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