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Materials to fix the donated chicken house
on the east side of the chicken yard

  • Replacement siding and flooring $200
  • Door repair or a new door $75
  • Paint $30
  • Nails and hardware $50

Repair chicken coop total costs = $355

Chicken Maintenance Needs

  • Bales of straw $7.00 each at Rural King
  • Feed costs average about $16/week (this includes things like scratch grains, layer pellet, oyster shell, grit and diatomaceous earth, and garlic cloves) 

Chicken maintenance total costs = $1,000

Miscellaneous Ongoing Needs

  • Multiple bags of seed (costs vary)
  • 5 Bags Potting Soil $30/ 10 Seed Starter trays $80/10 Bamboo poles $60.00
  • 20 new tomato cages variable prices $100/Large Roll of welded wire fencing $60
  • Small chicken coop to house chicks away from adults on sale at Rural King for $179
  • Sunnydaze outdoor solar pump/panel fountain kit/120-Inch lift, 396 GPH $259.00

Materials and construction help for an “Outdoor Classroom”


Contact: Pat Dessen, Program Officer at CUSF