Kenwood Elementary second grade teacher Julie Norcross already has a classroom full of interesting science-based projects for her students. Not one to sit back and take it easy, Julie decided to add a science based medical careers exploration project to her classroom by applying for the CUSF Career Awareness Grant.

With the grant money, medical models of the skeletal, circulatory and nervous systems along with eyes, ears and microscopes were purchased and students directly interacted with them as they learned about each of five body systems. During each mini-unit, experiments and explorations occurred leading students to better understanding of how the body systems work. Near the end of each unit, a medical professional visited the classroom whose career reflected the body system under study. Each visitor highlighted one breakthrough that happened during their career and one problem yet to be solved.

The unit included 30 interactive science lessons and seven community visitors. Julie plans to replicate the project again next year with a new group of students and hopes to extend the project to other second grade classes.