We are pleased to announce our 2017 grant recipients!

This fall, CU Schools Foundation will provide $37,712.56 to support 66 projects involving 93 teachers and 15,385 students. Details are listed below.

Our COLLABORATIVE GRANT recipients are:

Inter-city Strings in Concert with Friends submitted by Beth McDonald at Booker T. Washington Elementary and Tamra Gingold at Urbana High School. This project will increase the number of stringed instruments in Champaign and Urbana public schools so that every student who wishes to learn a string instrument will have the opportunity to join strings class. All of the strings teachers in the district will collaborate to help lead and participate in a final concert. Students from the high schools will be encouraged to write compositions for the 5th graders to play.

Mathematics Escape Room submitted by Champaign Central teacher Erin Carmichael with support from Central teachers Emily Gunderman, Tina Jordahl, and Micah Ward; Centennial teachers Jay Hooper and Casey Camacho; and Urbana teachers Dan Bechtel and Steven Pavlakis. The goal of this project is to implement an innovative, exciting educational activity in high school mathematics classes that promotes critical and logical thinking skills in a fun, unconventional way. The project centers on implementing escape puzzles with content problems built within. The puzzles will be transportable for different classroom settings with up to 30 students.

2017 Gift of Music and Gift for the Fine Arts Grant Recipients

2017 Compact Grant Recipients

2017 Competitive Grant Recipients