In November, teams of students from Urbana High School and Edison Middle School participated in a cooking competition funded by a CU Schools Foundation grant. Each team had one hour to create a dish using produce from gardens they had tended and eggs from chickens they had raised as part of a larger project called Creating Sustainable Nutrition through Education.

The result was outstanding! According to the judges, all four of the student dishes were well planned, well executed and DELICIOUS! Urbana High School Teacher Amanda Rosser says, “In that hour, we saw students of different age ranges, who just met, create wonderful healthy dishes using teamwork, creativity, and collaboration.”

“One thing I like is that the students were introduced to teamwork and competition with something that encourages a life skill. I hope the schools continue to do more of this so kids come out of school ready to be adults.” Rob Meister, owner of Salad Meister and Chopped Challenge judge.

The winning dish was a breakfast taco/burrito. The judges noted that the team’s presentation skills put them over the top. To see their presentation and hear the judges comments, click on the video below.