Brett Hays

Meet our board:  Brett Hays

BrettBrett Hays believes kids need inspiration, but he thinks they need more than pep talks and uplifting words. “They need to spend time with someone who believes in them.”

Brett was fortunate. His high school and middle school art teachers believed in him and spent time nurturing his talents. Brett says one teacher, his high school art teacher Dave Shaw, had a profound influence on his life. “High school is a time when you are crafting who you are,” he explains. “Dave brought out ideas and gave his students freedom to express themselves. Without him, I would not be on the same track. He made me want to be an artist.”

Now Brett has a chance to pay it back.  As a member of the CU Schools Foundation Board he has a chance to support programs that inspire local children—just like Dave Shaw inspired him. “Many kids don’t know what they want to be, but they know what they are interested in. I believe we can develop people’s strengths, and those strengths might lead to a career or other areas of interest.”

Brett Hays is co-owner of Shatterglass Studios in Champaign and has been producing films for nearly ten years. He is a founding board member of the CU Film Society and helped create Pens to Lens, a local screen writing competition for K-12 students which has generated more than 500 scripts and 50 films. Hays poses with a pen and ink drawing he created during high school art class. The art work, a portrait of actors Sean Connery and Michael Caine, is prominently displayed in Brett’s office at Shatterglass.