Gift for the Fine Arts Sampler

Gift for the Fine Arts Project Sampler

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Art in Space

School(s):  Thomas Paine and Yankee Ridge Elementary Schools
Teacher: Martha Churukian
Amount: $306

Students viewed and discussed 3-dimensional art in the Wandell Sculpture Garden at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana. Funds were used to cover transportation and substitute costs for the field trip.


Exploring Ourselves Through the Realms of Dreams

School:  Dr. Williams Jr. Elementary School
Teacher: Rusty Clevenger
Amount: $632

Funds were used to cover transportation and substitute costs for a field trip to The Art Institute of Chicago. While there, students viewed and discussed artwork from the Cubist and Surrealist Movements. The field trip was part of a comprehensive study of artists who played key roles in these movements.

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School:  Yankee Ridge Elementary School
Teacher: Betty Allen
Amount: $790

Funds were used to purchase books, butterfly kits and other resources to fuse science, dance and music as students explored the life cycle of the butterfly. As part of this project, students attended a performance of Farfalle through the Krannert Youth Series.